Code of Conduct


Cream City Jacks (CCJ) limits sexual activity at club events to masturbation. Oral or anal sex are never permitted at CCJ events, and ensuring safety and privacy at events is the highest priority at CCJ.

Permitted Play

The following forms of play are permitted at CCJ events:

  • Solo and mutual masturbation
  • Friendly and erotic touch
  • Exhibitionism and voyeurism
  • Frottage and body contact
  • Any oral contact above the waist

Prohibited Play

The following forms of play are prohibited at CCJ events: 

  • Anal insertion of any kind
  • Rectal contact of any kind
  • Any oral contact below the waist
  • Any activity without mutual consent


  • Each participant is in charge of their own body and has the right to deny or withdraw consent at any time
  • CCJ events use color coded wrist bands to indicate each CCJ participant’s preference on being touched by other CCJ participants
  • Regardless of wristband color, a CCJ participant’s stated “no” must be honored without any negotiation
  • CCJ has a zero tolerance policy for consent violations. Any accusation of consent violations will be investigated.


  • CCJ participants may not attend a CCJ event if they have or suspect they may have an illness or infection that can be spread to other CCJ members in the course of an event
  • HIV is not considered communicable in the context of CCJ event activities

Substance Use

  • The use of alcohol will be determined by the venue
  • Members will not be admitted to any CCJ event if they arrive intoxicated
  • Smoking tobacco, chewing tobacco, and illegal drugs are not permitted at CCJ events
  • The use of poppers will be determined by the venue

Clothing and Gear

  • Participants must disrobe to their underwear or be nude for events
  • Binders are considered underwear
  • Footwear may always be worn at events, and some venues require closed toe shoes
  • Leather accessories, latex accessories, rubber accessories, pup accessories, and furry accessories may be worn at CCJ events
  • Fur suits, rubber suits, leather suits, and other full body coverage attire may not be worn at CCJ events


  • All participants must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination, and submit to a contactless forehead temperature scan
  • Individuals without proof of Covid-19 vaccine will not be allowed into a club event, regardless of negative test results or masking

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