Jacks Events

Event Location

Our host venue is the well appointed Club Eassel in Milwaukee, located in a discreet industrial district 10 minutes from downtown. Our hosts provide us with a group play space, showers, clothes check, and free parking.

Club Eassel Website

Event Schedule

Cream City Jacks meetups are on first Fridays, from 7:30PM – 10:00PM.

  • January 7th 2022
  • February 4th 2022
  • March 4th 2022
  • April 1st 2022
  • May 6th 2022
  • June 3rd 2022
  • July 1st 2022
  • August 5th 2022
  • September 2nd 2022
  • October 7th 2022
  • November 4th 2022
  • December 2nd 2022

Order of Events

Check-in begins at 7:30PM and the doors are closed as of 8:00PM when the session begins. Participants may leave at any time, with some members enjoying a partial session before leaving, and others staying until the end of the event at 10:00PM.

Event Cost

Event participants pay $10 cash admission, and that cost is waived for members of Club Eassel.


Additional event details and the RSVP system are hosted on the Cream City Jacks Discord.

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